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Change Log

1.8 (Jan-01–2007 / Quix0r)

  • - Sup­port added for real-time black-lists. This shall be a defen­sive wall again­st­the real bad IP numbers…
  • - The RBL does now also include a two-lev­el block­er: Blocked in data­base lis­tand blocked by .htac­cess entry
  • - Many entries like $_SERVER[‘SOME_ENTRY’] rewrit­ten to getenv(‘SOME_ENTRY’).As I have heard this is more secure!
  • - Default set­ting for anony­mous sta­tis­tics is now off. I don’t want to force youto use them but please keep in mind that they are required for the RBL because­of the ping to my sta­tis­tics ser­vice will also be switched off with them.
  • - Race con­di­tion found by “cec” (www.fenris.org) fixed. A spam­mer could send­dozens of spam but only some will be count­ed. The counter in data­base gotup­dat­ed after the script sleept for some sec­onds. While this the spam­mer wasable to send com­ments with­out being count­ed. The pro­lem is not ful­ly solved­be­cause the counter will be saved to data­base along with the settings.
  • - The old spam and sleep (time wait­ed in the “tar pit”) coun­ters got removed­from data­base when you save your set­tings. But they got not count­ed twice. 🙂
  • - Weight­ning of CPR changed from 9 to 11. So SK2 will be first again.


1.8 (Jan-01–2007 / Quix0r)

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